I went to the dentist today to get some fillings. Then I ate lunch at Krystal. Before the novocaine wore off. I didn’t know I had bitten a hole in my lip until I looked down and saw blood on my cheeseburger. It’s been a rough, messy, awkward day. But the new fillings are really nice.

8 thoughts on “Dentist

  1. True story…I had to have my wisdom teeth cut out so they gave me these tiny pills that caused me to check out of reality but I could still walk around, talk, etc. After my procedure, my husband put me in the passenger seat of the car and drove to the pharmacy to pick up some meds they had prescribed me. While he was inside, I woke up and several people had gathered around the front of the car- looking in the window at me. I gave them dirty looks before checking the mirror to see if maybe my face was swollen. I had blood dripping out of both sides of my mouth. I am sure they thought they had seen a vampire that day.
    Hope you recover quickly, friend!!

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