Taylor Swift (with cat)

I drew a picture of Taylor Swift a few weeks ago. Just now posting it here. Lately, I’ve been busy illustrating a new book. I’m about to upload it to Amazon soon. It’s a science fiction/comedy/horror novella I wrote during Christmas vacation. It’s a short one. And it’s completely and totally ridiculous.


43 thoughts on “Taylor Swift (with cat)

  1. Always good to see your work, Matthew and great news about the book. I look forward to that! 🙂
    ps I’m glad you commented about Bowie – I was starting to think that no one noticed or cared [with the exception of one more friend]. It was very sudden and still hard to believe.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been kind of depressed about it ever since it happened. I thought it was clever that he released a farewell album without actually saying it was a farewell album. Nobody knew he was saying goodbye until he died. Then it all made sense. There’s something so brilliant about that. But it’s still sad. Breaks my heart.

      • Yes, brilliant but now much harder to listen to or watch [especially ‘Lazarus’ or ‘Blackstar’ when he sings: “Something happened on the day he died
        Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside
        Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried (I’m a blackstar, I’m a star’s star, I’m a blackstar)]…

      • It’s hard for me to watch them too. In the Lazarus video, it blows my mind the way he’s sitting at a desk, writing as fast as he can, looking back over his shoulder at the version of himself lying in the bed. He knows he’s dying and he’s eagerly trying to get out everything he can. And there’s even something whimsical about the way he’s doing it. It’s so sad but so clever at the same time.

  2. Absolutely inspired! Ms. Swift never looked so good. It’s a wonderful likeness. Of course, she’s totally upstaged by the cat, but that’s OK… : )

    You have a great talent. I must add that your description of your new book had me grinning from ear to ear. Sounds delightful– just what the world needs right now, actually. Thanks for sharing your unique voice. It does me good.

      • Father and I fine but afraid I am going to lose my daughter,32, to a suicidal drug use run. Don’t think she’ll recover this time. We all have such tragedy in our families but I sure don’t relish that it is happening to her or me as a father. Focused on continued art efforts helps keep me stable as I have to maintain other family responsibilities. I did not mean to be so grim in my reply but do value that you thought enough of me to ask. Regards…

      • oh Carl I am so very, very sorry to hear about this…I hope and pray that she recovered…when one of my mother’s brothers died suddenly my father’s mother was devastated, she just couldn’t understand how someone young enough to be her son could die before it her. Life and death are such a mystery. My heart bleeds for you and her!

  3. Hi Matthew hope everything is going well with you…have you published your book yet…I’ll certainly be looking for it when you do 🙂

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