A question about YouTube…

I hope you’ve been doing well. Sorry I haven’t been on WordPress much lately. I’m not ignoring you. I’ve just been tied up, cleaning up a couple of my older books and trying to re-promote them. Anyway, a thought just occurred to me while I was sitting here at my desk, watching a Georgia Championship Wrestling clip from 1983. (Please don’t judge me.) Does anyone know how to download videos from YouTube? I don’t want to steal anybody’s material, but I just think it would be nice to keep some of my favorite YouTube gems stored safely on my computer — in case they ever disappear from YouTube, the way they sometimes do. For example, there was an old music video I used to watch all the time. (Southside Johnny singing Walk Away Renee from 1986.) And then one day I went to YouTube to watch it … but it was gone like morning fog. Surely there’s a way you can capture videos and save them on your computer the way you right-click pictures and save them. Any advice? Anyway, have a nice Sunday. Stay warm and dry. Cheers.

8 thoughts on “A question about YouTube…

  1. Hey Matthew there is a program I use its called Amersoft (I think thats the name- but google it) I think its like $20-$25. It not only downloads videos but will then convert them to any format you wish either audio or video. It will also convert videos you already have to various formats. Its a cool program ~ I use it all the time for family videos etc. 🙂

  2. You may or may not laugh. I had two purses this year stolen, one at the library someone facing me and used his feet, while I was blogging, to take my purse by my own feet, he pulled it to his backpack and threw it in and walked out. A surveillance tape caught it, then my daughter asked me if I wanted part of a casserole she had made, drove to her apartment and texted her I was here, while I walked to her door, did not enter her apt, someone brazen took my purse, which was thrown under a towel and beach bag. I got the casserole and lost that purse. What does this have to do with technology? I don’t use the library so I am using a much better phone, taking photos and not writing long essays. I found out only 3 weeks ago how to post one photograph on my blog. Really, that is how low my technology skills are! Lol good luck with the YouTube videos… 🙂

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