New record

Several months ago, I bought a record player and started collecting vinyl. I buy old records at the pawn shop near my apartment (one of them is Walter Cronkite discussing the highlights of 1959 … another is a Colonel Sanders Christmas record) but I also order brand new records from online stores. Last week, I got Flood by They Might Be Giants. Flood originally came out in 1991, but they just re-released it on green vinyl. It’s one of the most beautiful records I’ve seen so far. And it’s nice to listen to these songs again, songs that I was obsessed with in middle school. I love the whole album, but my favorite songs are Birdhouse In Your Soul and Istanbul and Road Movie To Berlin.

14 thoughts on “New record

  1. It looks like a beautiful record, such a stunning green colour. Sounds like you’re taking a trip down memory lane and having lots of fun with that record. It’s always nice when you love a whole album of songs πŸ™‚

      • Not too bad, Matt. Been busy with work and now job hunting. But feeling very, very good about writing. How are you? I forgot to ask that, how terrible of me. Hope we can chat more soon, our chats are always fun πŸ™‚

      • No, that wasn’t terrible of you. No worries. I’m OK. Working a lot. Annoyed with the company I work for. They keep messing up my paychecks and cheating me out of money. So you’re job hunting too? How is it going? I like our chats too! πŸ™‚

      • That is horrible of the company you work for. I hope you find something better soon. Yes, I’m job hunting at the moment. Taking it slow…I will tell you more soon πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Matthew, love this little green journey you’re on. I can so relate. It’s a happy, memory lane trip that takes us back to nirvana.

    How is work? And writing, and life, and…
    blessings to you ~ maxi

    • Hey Maxi. It’s good to hear from you. πŸ™‚ How are you doing? Work is OK, but not great. Frustrated because they keep cheating me on my paychecks. My writing is kind of dormant right now. Brainstorming about the next book, but mostly relaxing. What about you? How are things going for you?

      • Darn Matthew, short paychecks. I could fill a lotta words right here, bad ones. That just ain’t right. And they know it. A person has to pay bills for pete’s sake.

        It’s real busy round here. ‘Course I would get sick right in the middle of it. Oh well, wouldn’t want everything perfect would we? Uh … yeah.

        hugs n blessings to ya, matthew ~ maxi

  3. Ah old vinyl, I have a couple red, one blue and a silver, one clear and one that is brown, many black but I have never had a green (with envy now) lucky you!
    Have not posted to you in some time, hope it goes well. and How is the book working out?

      • I am finally illustrating one of my own children’s books. It will take a couple months. I wrote it about ten years ago along with several others, and now it is time to get them all illustrated and get them out there. I should have done it a decade ago.

        I don’t know how they will do either but I am looking at e-books as well.
        So what do you think is holding your book back from doing well?

      • Good for you. I can’t wait to see it.

        The problem I’m having is getting people to notice my books. Exposure. I’m just one little voice in a vast ocean of self published authors.

      • Marketing seems to be the “biggie” I stumbled across a book called “Curation Nation” it is not so much about marketing as it is about being seen in that great vast ocean. Check it out it is useful. It might not apply directly but it is about finding your niche. If you feel there is a place for your book on peoples e-shelf or why you wrote that particular book may just be that you need to curate it! Just a thought.

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