Long time, no see


Sorry I’ve been out of touch lately. Ever since I took the new job operating the pellet-shooter at work, I haven’t had time to do much else. The night shift is a harsh master. And during the time when I’m not working, I’m recovering from the time when I was working. But it’s only a temporary job. I should go back to my normal duties (and my normal life) in roughly a month. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t mean to complain. I’m thankful to have a job. It’s a blessing. But it demands all the energy I have. I stagger through the front door in the mornings feeling like I just had a lobotomy.

I hope you’ve been doing well. I hope you’re having a good summer … or winter … or whatever season it is in your corner of the world.

The picture up above is my friend Katrina. It’s one of the few drawings I’ve done since I started working on the pellet machine. Katrina just moved to Florida today, so this is my going-away present to her.

Oh, and Citizens of Purgatory is free for the next couple of days. If you have a Kindle, or a Kindle app on your phone, you can click here to download it.


17 thoughts on “Long time, no see

  1. Very nice to see you’re back, and hopefully more posts to follow soon too. This is a gorgeous drawing of your friend Katrina, so much life in it. Looking forward to seeing the other drawings at some point too. You must be excited about getting back to your normal life soon 🙂

    • Thank you Mabel … well, I hope it gets back to normal. It’s still going to be crazy for a little while. Hope you’re having a good weekend. By the way, did you know we have a chain of Australian-themed restaurants in America called Outback? They’re decorated with boomerangs and pictures of kangaroos. And the restroom doors say “blokes” and “sheilas” instead of “men” and “women.”

      • The weekend has gone by too quick. Three day weekend next weekend because of a public holiday 🙂 No, I didn’t know that, the restroom sounds hilarious. What do they serve there, if you know? Australia has quite a few iconic foods, like lamingtons, parmas, savoury meat pies and vegemite on toast.

      • Those foods sound amazing. I don’t think the food at Outback is really Australian at all, sadly. Some of it might be, though. I’ve heard of vegemite before. They mention it in a song … I don’t know the name, but they say, “Do you come from a land down under? Where women fall and men shudder.” Or something like that. Sorry. I’m not thinking clearly. I’ve been up all night. I’m at a hotel, drawing and drinking coffee. One of my favorite pastimes ever. 🙂

      • Vegemite. It’s a spread where you put it on bread, and crackers too. You either love it or hate it…I’m not a huge fan 😀 From the ads, the Outback seems like any other Western restaurant with its menu. But the food looks great.

        Ah, good to hear you’re unwinding. Hope you are in drawing mode and drawing something great 🙂

      • I’m not sure if it’s great or not. I hope so. 🙂 I’ve come up with two little characters. I’m going to copyright them and see if I can find a company that might want to pay me to use the characters on their products.

        I want to try some vegemite. 🙂

      • That is such a good idea, I hope you have some success with it. You never know. You already got a great visual portfolio and stores to back up your creativity 🙂

        Vegemite isn’t sweet, for your info. I’m sure now you want to try it even more.

  2. It certainly has been a while, however ‘primum vivere…’ as they say. Got to earn our livings [odd expression that, isn’t it?!] Here’s to night shifts giving their place to good night sleep and earnings pouring in from what you love doing!
    That’s a really beautiful drawing of Katrina. I bet she loved her farewell gift!

  3. You describe me to a T if I had to work nights, Matthew. Hang in there. I’m astounded at your talent … fabulous.
    blessings ~ maxi

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