Here’s a drawing of my friend Laurali, who lives in Florida. Originally, I wanted to draw Florida scenery growing out of her head, but I couldn’t find any decent photos of oak trees draped with Spanish moss. (When I think of Florida, I don’t think of palm trees. I think of oak trees covered in gray moss. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of summers with my grandparents in Tampa.)

Anyway, after combing through Google Image Search for a few hours, I finally decided to dump the Florida scenery idea and stick a dinosaur and a nutcracker on Laurali’s head instead. And here it is.

My new job is going well. It’s harder work than my previous job, but it’s not nearly as stressful. I spent most of Friday shoveling sludge out of gaps in the floor. And once I had done that, I shoveled the sludge into a big metal box.


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12 thoughts on “Laurali

  1. This drawing is absolutely lovely, Matthew! The dinosaur looks so cute even though it’s angry and in the middle of a fight. The drawing as a whole looks very life-like, well done again. Glad to hear your new job is going well. It does sound like hard work, but glad to hear it’s not as stressful as the previous one. Hope you’ve been well 🙂

  2. She is a lovely person who you made quite interesting with her different characters (personalities?) showing! Fun and beautiful picture. You are very talented and creative. I hope you can handle that tougher job, I am ‘feeling your pain,’ Matthew!

      • So glad you are not struggling too bad, Matthew! I work at Advance Auto DC #23. I had to do my ‘time’ in heavy bulk. Now I am a bins order filler, so I fill hampers to send to 5 locations sometimes at a time, pushing them on roller lines or on carts. It is a challenge for my arms and hands. It is a different kind of environment, but I am looking at it this way, I am alive and I can pay my bills! I miss teaching but Idid not reach our state’s deadline for my Master’s degree. Some of the classes were in the evenings which worked out, but my last 3 courses were daytime ones. I just gave up, lost our house, trying to pay bills while my ex sat on a chair stunned, he had lost his job 3 yrs. earlier. Enough of my soap opera, sorry about this! Smiles, Robin

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