A drawing of Myla Laurel


Here’s a drawing of my blogger friend, Myla Laurel, from earlier this year. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I thought I would post it again, just for the heck of it.

Yesterday, I wrote a very short children’s book and slapped it on Amazon. It’s called The Rabbit and the Rooster: A Completely Worthless Book. I wanted to see how a Microsoft Word file translates into the Kindle format. I also wanted to learn how to put together a table of contents. (The table of contents on an e-book is a fascinating little thing. It’s like the main menu on a DVD, where you choose which scene you want to skip to.) So I spit out a really stupid story and scribbled a quick “cover design” picture with a red ballpoint pen. The whole thing is just a trial run, since I’m getting ready to upload my new novel in a month or so.

Formatting a book and uploading it to Kindle is actually a lot of fun. I love writing and I love drawing, but “electronic book making” is an art/craft/skill/passion in and of itself. I can’t wait to upload the real book.


8 thoughts on “A drawing of Myla Laurel

  1. Trial runs are always a must before putting out a final product. Lets you iron out any kinks you encounter (or avoid in the final reveal!). Finishing up any piece of writing and putting it out there is definitely a craft – so many bits and bobs to tie up from proof-reading to designing to page numbering, even with putting up a blog post. Nice drawing. A picture radiating pensive emotion, at least for me.

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