It’s 5:42 in the morning and I’ve stayed up most of the night watching Seinfeld on YouTube and working on this drawing of my friend Jessica. It was a beautiful night. I sat in the living room with the window open, listening to the rain fall outside. In my last post, I mentioned some other portraits I was planning to draw. I’m still wrestling with those. I can’t get Belinda’s eyes to look the way I want them to … and Noemi’s face, even though it’s very beautiful, is hard to capture on paper. Maybe this is because I haven’t slept much lately and my brain isn’t functioning properly. Or maybe it’s because some people are just hard to draw. Oh well. I think I’ll just toss both of those pictures in a drawer for the time being and move on to something fresh and new.

I hope you have a nice Wednesday.

23 thoughts on “Jessica

    • I understand what you’re talking about. My problem, sometimes, is that I try too hard. When I come back later and work on it again, I’m much more relaxed and I knock it out pretty fast. Hope you’re having a good August so far too! 🙂

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