Moving right along


I’ve been hammering away on my new book for about three months. On Thursday, I started the final chapter. I’m hoping it will be finished in a week or two. I’m really thrilled about wrapping up this chapter — not because the book will be done. It won’t be done. But I’m thrilled because the major, serious work will finally be out of the way.

Once I get this last chapter knocked out, I plan to step away from the whole thing for a week and let my brain cool off. (I might stretch out on the couch and read something by Douglas Adams during that time.) Then I want to go back over the entire manuscript, rejuvenated and full of energy, and polish all the rough spots. This part shouldn’t take too long because I edited the daylights out of each chapter as I finished writing it. I’m mainly going to spruce the book up and add some “poetic sparkles” here and there. (I’ve been scribbling ideas in a little notebook, as they come to me, about the bits and pieces I want to add throughout the novel.)

Writing a book is like building a house. Right now, the basic structure is nearly finished. The roof is there. All the walls are in place. It’s just about ready. But I still need to paint it and put on the decorations — but that part won’t be as hard as everything else. I don’t even think of it as work. Painting is the fun part. (I realize the advertisement at the top doesn’t exactly fit what I’m talking about. Nobody paints a house with a spray can. I know, I know. But I couldn’t resist this picture. It’s bizarre, whimsical, and somewhat troubling too. The spray paint man has arms and legs, but no face. What a sad existence. I’m sure he feels very isolated and confused.)

23 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. I know you’re pleased when a books reaches this stage of completion…enjoy your week of rejuvenation 🙂

  2. Seeing the end of any journey is a great moment, looking to the last hill, or final gate. In some ways it is really the beginning when you reach it’s end. Undertaking a quest to accomplish and then finishing it deserves more than just a simple congratulation. Yet that is all I can fit through the internet door, so Congratulation on your accomplishment.

      • I am too busy for my own good, doing things I know I should, but wanting to do what I could, could get organized if I only would. But as I said…good!
        I am getting ready to switch from to looking forward but need to get the site more monetized as I am getting ready to start posting the newer art works I have been painting on for 7 years. so the blog learning curve must be handled. Living out in the boonies means I must become my own gallery.
        Thanks for asking!

    • That’s a good point, Jill. I didn’t even think about that. I would hate for that awful thing to waddle up to me and start a conversation.

      I’m doing OK. Hope everything’s going beautifully for you! 🙂

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