The Secret City

Here’s a show I grew up with. I discovered it one summer while I was spending the week with my grandparents in Tampa, Florida. The little black and white TV in my bedroom only picked up one channel, the local PBS station. I saw a promo for The Secret City and asked my grandfather to wake me up the next morning at eight o’clock so I could watch it. Ever since then, Mark Kistler (the guy you see drawing) has been a huge inspiration to me. Hope you get a kick out of it.

33 thoughts on “The Secret City

  1. I like your colored pencil drawings and feel you would be a great children’s book illustrator. When you have “novel” next to Under the Electric Sun, is that an adult, middle school or what age is that aimed at? I love to do pen and ink, with watercolors. I have written and tried to publish four little books. I someday will stumble upon the right situation, I feel! Thanks for your amusing posts!

    • Thank you! If you ever want to publish your work on Kindle, you can. Anybody can do it. It’s like uploading a video to YouTube.

      My book is a young adult novel. It’s aimed at middle schoolers, mostly, but not young children. It’s a little bit violent.

      I’d love to see some of your work!

  2. Seriously loved this film. I can see how it must have affected your artistic side! We had a couple of similar shows like this in the UK one with Rolf Harris and the other with a guy called Tony Hart. I think the latter show must have been closest to the Mark Kistler version but wasn’t as good, not because Hart wasn’t a good artist (he was very talented) but maybe he was a little too good, if you know what I mean. It was more about ART and less about creativity and verve in the way this show is, it’s so infectious. I just wish I could grab a huge piece of paper like that now and start my own secret city! Thank-you so much for sharing this, I’m going to look for more šŸ™‚

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