Yard sale treasures



Here are some more pictures I’ve drawn in my new Moleskine sketchbook. The top one is Matt Smith, the star of Doctor Who. I told my friend Jill I wasn’t going to post it, but I changed my mind. The other picture is my blogger friend Sophie Bowns. I put a lot more time and energy into the Sophie picture. The Matt Smith picture was just a spasm of silliness.

This afternoon, as I was walking out of the bank, I noticed there was a yard sale going on at my church — which is a stone’s throw away from the bank. (If you really want to get technical, it wasn’t a yard sale. It was actually a parking lot sale. But never mind that.) I shuffled over to the church parking lot, where my pastor and his wife had arranged clothes, coffee mugs, DVDs, and several other knickknacks on tables under a canopy. The first thing I saw was a purple coffee mug, situated at the very front of the pile, with the words “Ich liebe dich” printed on it. (That means “I love you” in German.) There was also a picture of a German cartoon character called Diddle Mouse on the mug. I thought this was amazing because I bought a Diddle Mouse doll when I was in Germany fifteen years ago. (For my little sister, not for myself. I want to clarify that.) I was just wondering the other day if Diddle Mouse was still around. And there he was, on a table in the church parking lot, a LONG way from home. So I snatched up the coffee mug.

I also bought a movie called Murder on Flight 502, starring Farrah Fawcett and Sonny Bono. It looked exactly like the kind of thing nobody in their right mind would ever want to watch, so I’m sure I’ll love it. Judging by the picture on the front of the DVD case, it looks very melodramatic … and very 70s. I might write a review of it later.

25 thoughts on “Yard sale treasures

  1. It ain’t silly to me Matthew, it’s wonderful talent. Wow!

    I swore there is no time for me to follow one more blog but I can’t resist … ya got me.

    blessings ~ maxi

  2. Well thanks for that awesome mention, Matthew! Aren’t you glad you revealed that picture of Matt Smith now? I knew it would be good 🙂 Love the picture of Sophie, too, it looks just like her x

  3. I like both of your drawings!!! you’re the second person I’ve met online who has a Moleskine sketchbook…I’ve never seen one much less had one…I’ve just moved it to the top of the list of things I’d like…I have a Kindle so I’m going to checkout your book…posting comment 😀

  4. Kindled your book…sounds good…I like SciFi 😀 now if I can just figure out what Amazon did with it 😐

    • Hey there. Were you ever able to download it? I’m sorry about that. I wish I had more control over that stuff. Let me know what happens … when/if you’re able to get the book. Thanks for trying, anyway!!!

      • for some reason no matter which device I choose Amazon sends everything to my Kindle Fire…I wanted it to come to my computer…who knows?!! Anyway it’s in my KF…I’ll let you know after I read it 🙂

  5. Very nice drawings! As always!
    By the way; we have a lot of Diddl-stuff in Switzerland too. Probably a thing in German-speaking countries. So if you ever crave for some Diddl again, I can hook you up ;).

    • Hey there! I thought I replied to your comment last night, but apparently I didn’t. So you live in Switzerland?? Wow, I didn’t realize that. And I just discovered I’ve been spelling his name wrong. It’s “Diddl” and not “Diddle.” Oops. So Diddl is still around? They still make new dolls and stuff?

  6. Hope you’ll write a review of the Sonny Bono/Farrah Fawcett movie (I hesitate to call it a “film”), Matt. I’ve been thinking about you because although I haven’t yet read “The Giver” (it’s always already checked out of my library!), I’ve read some of Lowry’s other works. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for tipping me on to her!

    • Hey Liz! Sorry I’ve been out of touch. You know, I watched half of that movie a few nights ago, but I had to turn it off and go to bed. I’ve been meaning to watch the rest. I didn’t think I would like it, but I actually do. It’s a pretty good story, in my opinion. And most of the acting is good too. Do you remember Robert Stack, the host of “Unsolved Mysteries?” He plays the pilot. He’s good. I need to watch the rest of it and post something about it. How have you been?

      • Robert Stack! Robert Stack, Farrah, and Sonny?? Total cool. I remember Stack mainly from ‘Airplane’ and reruns of The Untouchables. What a find!
        Been doing great – busy now working on revisions to my first try at a middle-grade book. I love writing for kids. Lots of fun!

      • Yes, I’ve learned recently that the movie “Airplane” was a spoof of all the different airplane-oriented films in the 70’s. I never realized that. But this movie is one of those being lampooned, I think.

        A middle grade book? That does sound like fun.

      • Hi Matt – I thought about you yesterday when I read “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick. A gorgeous combination of words and art.

        “Airport” was the main airplane disaster movie of the 70’s, I think; it was “Towering Inferno” and “Earthquake” and all those, just in the air!

      • Really? I’ll have to look for that one. Brian Selznick…

        Here are some clips from “Murder on Flight 502.” It’s kind of like watching it in a blender. I’ve only watched the first half of the actual movie so far. I might watch the whole thing this weekend, since I’m off for Memorial Day.

  7. A few years back, I was browsing in ToysRUs and there was a small 4-way with a nice selection of Diddle Mouse merch. I wasn’t familiar with the character, but I bought Tammy a metal keychain that’s DM wrapped around a “T.” Then we both had a hearty, juvenile giggle about the world “diddle.”

    • I actually spelled it wrong here. A girl in Switzerland, who is more familiar with the character/brand, pointed out that it’s really just “Diddl.” Being an English major and a neurotic perfectionist, my blood pressure surges each time I type this word and leave off the “E” at the end…

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