Another drawing


Here’s another page in my new sketchbook. This is supposed to be a picture of my blogger friend, Carl D’Agostino. (He’s a wonderful cartoonist. Check him out.) When I first started assembling Carl’s face on the page, I was looking at his photo on my laptop. I was sitting in McDonald’s, nursing a milkshake, watching the news, and cruising around on the internet all at the same time. It was a pleasant afternoon. A few hours later, I went back and did most of the shading, fine-tuning, and fiddling — but I didn’t have his photo in front of me at that point. So, unfortunately, the guy in my sketchbook evolved into someone slightly different from Carl. Oh well.

I still plan to draw a few more people I’ve met on WordPress. Drawing portraits and posting them isn’t really the “standard format” of my blog. I’ve just felt like doing it lately. On Monday, I think I’ll post one of the illustrations from my novel and tell you about the ridiculous way I kept myself entertained while I was drawing it. I think it will be an interesting (and somewhat embarrassing) story.


31 thoughts on “Another drawing

  1. This is awesome! I can’t even draw a decent straight line without having to focus on it while you were able to draw a portrait with so much happening around you at the same time.

      • Hahaha! I thought that you just relied on that one photo of urban bistro post when you gave me the compliment. I somehow believe you now that you’ve seen the other photos. Hehehe.

      • Your Disneyland Paris breakfast is also a delight. I confess, I’m not the best follower in the world. I probably miss some of the things you post because I’m so wrapped up in my own world … but I do love what I’ve seen. You really ARE good. I mean that. 🙂

    • Hey Jeff! Thanks! I really appreciate that. All the talent comes from God, not me. I just fumble around with what He blessed me with. 🙂 How have you been doing? What’s new?

      • Hmmm. The only thing I can really think of is this: start out with light, loose lines. Try to form the overall shape of whatever you’re drawing first. You can erase and re-draw it until you get everything the way you want it. If it’s a person’s face, for example, you would want to outline the face and the hair and the neck and so forth. Draw little ovals where the eyes will go and form a rough shape of the nose and mouth. At this point, you just want to put together a loose, vague, rough idea of everything. Once you get it the way you want it (after a lot of adjusting and erasing and re-drawing) then you can go over everything in greater detail … and add in the shading and the texture of the hair and so forth. It’s kind of like construction work. They don’t put the paint and the decorations on a building until the basic structure is complete. I hope this helps. (And I hope it makes some kind of sense. Does it?)

      • Thank you so much for all of this! I’ve been battling a lot with getting my drawings to look the way I want them to. This will help immensely! (And yes, it made the most sense.)

      • No problem, Ariana! 🙂 Glad to help. Once you’ve gotten everything established, you can go back over all the lines and make them darker … because, at that point, you’re basically just tracing lines that are already there. So you can be really bold and confident about it, then.

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