Finished product


Here’s the finished drawing of Piyush Mishra. I added more detail to his hair (as my friend Emma suggested) and made the whole picture darker and bolder. Tomorrow, I’ll start on a picture of my other Indian friend, Ananya. It will be a more complicated drawing, so it might take longer. And then, hopefully, I’ll draw G.E. Gallas. (I do portraits as a hobby, not as a business. If I see someone I want to draw, I’ll draw them. If I turned it into a business, it would stress me out. And then I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. And then my soul would wither away.)


9 thoughts on “Finished product

  1. I think it was good composition to give background to only one side of person. The empty right side draws the eye back to center and does not clutter and gives a sense of aura and brightness for the subject.

    • Thank you, Sugar Mouse. It’s never really worked as a side business for me. Most people don’t actually want to pay. And, besides, I have to really WANT to draw the person, you know? If somebody just whips pictures of their kids out of their wallet and asks me to draw them … I don’t know. I just can’t get excited about it. I need to have a deeper reason for drawing someone. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not.

      • Oddly enough, it does. (: Perfectly understandable. It’s wonderful to know there are still people in the world who do things purely for the love of art. You’re a diamond in the rough, mate.

      • Lol! That again, huh. Might just be my English boy friend’s strange/funny expressions rubbing off on me. Evidently, I spend wayyyyy too much time with the fellow but I just can’t get enough! He is, after all, my most favourite person in the world! 😀 😀

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