Here’s the drawing I’m currently wrestling with…


This is a drawing of Piyush, a blogger here on WordPress. He’s been kind enough to click “like” on almost all of my posts since I started The Chia Pet Circus. I’m not finished with this drawing yet. I still plan to do some erasing, re-drawing, darkening, adjusting, and general fiddling. I might even toss it in my desk drawer and start all over again.

I made it a point to work more slowly on this drawing. I took my time “building” his head, his shoulders, his arm, and his hand before I started worrying about the little details like his eyes and his lips. Not only that, I gave myself permission to NOT finish it tonight. That way, I can come back to the picture tomorrow (when my brain is functioning better and I have more energy) and work on it some more. I will post the final product later.


2 thoughts on “Here’s the drawing I’m currently wrestling with…

  1. The frontal portrait is one area of drawing I have not been able to come even close to doing even a very modest rendition. Strangely I few side view only attempts, well I have had some decent quality production with that. As I study your drawing , however, I think I could be great as just cuffs and buttons.

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