This evening, I was looking through my WordPress dashboard, clicking and exploring, when I came across several comments I had never seen before. Obviously, I had never replied to them either. In a way, it was exciting — like finding a twenty-dollar bill in a coat pocket. At the same time, I also felt like a jerk for not replying sooner.

If you’ve posted a comment on my page and I haven’t responded, I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose. I’m sorry about that.

The picture above is Gordon, one of the characters in my novel, “Under the Electric Sun,” now available on Amazon. 


4 thoughts on “Apology

  1. I’m more in the habit of replying on the person’s page than through the threads. Annoying? Perhaps. But it’s kind of something I’ve picked up on over the years. At any rate, it’s always better late than never! I have to say, Mr. Curry, your artistic ability is absolutely incredible! I’m envious.

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