A work in progress — Elena Levon portrait attempt


I’ve spent most of the evening working on this portrait, but I think I’ll probably just scrap it and start over again. In a way I like it, but in a way I loathe it. This is supposed to be a picture of Elena Levon, a Russian model I discovered here on WordPress. (She was kind enough to click “like” on one of my older posts. When I went to her page and saw her, I immediately wanted to draw her.)

Oh well. I need to turn my brain off and relax for the rest of the night. There’s a voice in my head, a cruel voice that never shuts up, telling me I have to be productive in one way or another ALL the time. Even today, on the third day of my three-day Easter weekend, I’ve stressed myself out with this portrait. I need to let myself rest.

So I’m going to retire to the couch now and watch “The Bells of Saint John” again. (That’s the latest episode of Doctor Who.) Here’s a question to Doctor Who fans: did they change the Tardis set since the Christmas episode? In “The Snowmen,” it seems like there was a stairway in front of the door, leading down to the console. And now it’s not there. Or maybe it’s all in my head…

33 thoughts on “A work in progress — Elena Levon portrait attempt

  1. About the TARDIS
    I didn’t even think about the steps from the door. maybe it’s a ramp? I don’t remember either, but I think there are still steps. they didn’t really show any steps in this ep. we never saw the full doorway. hmm…

  2. wow! Matthew, this is really good )) seriously, it is! I’ll post it on my “el” page with the link to your website.

    I do want to tell you that my hair now is just a bit shorter ; )

    ( check out my “create” page )

    ps – the eyes look alive in your drawing..

    • Hey Elena! Thank you very, very much! I’m glad you like it! I didn’t realize your hair was different now. Maybe I’ll draw you again with shorter hair. 😉 I will check out your “create” page right now…

  3. Hope you didn’t scrap this! If anything, set anything you deem a mistake aside for a few days and see if there’s anything you can walk away with later. Nice work on the hair. Thanks for liking my Red Hulk doodle.

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