Here’s a drawing I’m working on.


When I came home from church this afternoon, I put “Plan 9 From Outer Space” in the DVD player and a frozen pizza in the microwave. It was cool and windy outside, so I opened a window and watched the curtains dance.

After I finished eating, I sat on the couch and started drawing this picture while “Plan 9” played in the background. It’s one of my favorite “drawing movies.” There’s no need to actually watch it anymore. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and I can quote the whole thing, pretty much.

My friend Marisela asked me to draw her children the other day. Usually, I don’t draw portraits on a “for hire” basis — partly because I’m always up to my neck in my own art projects … and also because it turns me into a twitching, trembling, stressed-out basket case. If I see someone I want to draw, I’ll draw them and enjoy doing it. But if someone ASKS me to draw a picture for them, it’s not the same. When I was younger, people asked me to draw them all the time and then they griped at me afterward. In my mind, I still hear voices shouting, “You gave me a pig nose!” and “My eyes don’t look like that!” So I try to avoid the portrait business as much as possible. Too many bad memories associated with it.

But I decided to take Marisela up on it. Just this once. I’m still going to fiddle with this picture and fine-tune it over the next few days.

Here’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Here’s a drawing I’m working on.

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